Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blender: The beginning, fairly simple

So, I was given the task to build a somewhat realistic city scene a produce cameras and rendering for such scene. Initially the task didn't seem bad at all, so I jumped into building a scene right away. The rumors were that Blender was great (and in fact, so it seems ). So I decided to download it, learn how to use it and build a scene.
I downloaded it, things went easy and run across a tutorial that would guide me through how to build an 'impressive'-looking building (for a beginner)

The estimated time to complete the tutorial said it was around 4 hours. Took me a little longer, I had never used Blender so finding the menus and getting used to all the keyboard shortcuts took some time. Manipulating the faces of my building wasn't always easy and some of the settings for the objects seem a bit alien, but after some time the model was done (not to the same level of detail)

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